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Beer exploration aqueduct stray weimaraner graffiti clouds

The Gentleman's Beer Exploration Society took a short hike to Bitter Brothers brewing. It wasn't exactly the backcountry, but it was a great day to be outdoors.

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thumbnail Bitter Brothers brewery taster flight


Neural style transfer DL4J graffiti exploration hiking

Petco Park Toyota Terrace view panorama Padres Athletics

Jes and I went to the A's-Padres game on the 19th. It was a pretty exciting one:
Petco Padres Athletics
Tacoma suspension

Toyota Tacoma strut replacement top bolts in order

The Tacoma needed new suspension. In keeping with my KYB ban, I ordered Bilsteins and some generic brand springs.

Shocks were insanely easy. You just remove two nuts attaching the shock to the bottom of the control arm, remove the nut from the top of the strut, and it drops away.

Bilstein struts Toyota Tacoma

Reassembly is that procedure in reverse. The only hiccup is that the fresh strut doesn't want to compress enough to attach the lower bolts. The solution was squeezing it upward with a piece of pvc pipe on the end of the floor jack.

Bilstein struts Toyota Tacoma installed

The major headache for struts is always torquing the top nut on. It needs to be torqued on, but turning the nut just rotates the strut rod. The old pieces had squared off top end, so you can hold it in place with a small wrench. The Bilsteins didn't have this. What's worse, there wasn't room in the wheel well to get the impact wrench in (which they advise against but, you know, works). Well those clever Germans seemed to have some mechanism that locked the strut rod in place when uncompressed - I was able to tighten the nut when the bottom bolts hadn't compressed the assembly.

Toyota Tacoma suspension spring

Springs are another story. The maintenance manual says you have to remove the lower control arm to install them. Maybe another day.
Brogue squadron

Neural style transfer DL4J x wing miniatures video game

The dudes and I have started the unofficial x-wing campaign Heroes of the Aturi Cluster It's a series of cooperative missions with clever new game mechanics and, of course, levels and upgrades.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster rescue mission

For example, for the second mission we had to bounce around some ion storm tiles (low probability roll for damage) do scan actions for an escape pod. The pod had to be picked up by a YT freighter which we had to protect through the docking procedure. Very reminiscent of the old PC games. Anyway, above the freighter just barely escaped and we set about trying to avoid four very overpowered TIEs. Derrick and I escaped with a single hull point left.

Good fun.

X Wing miniatures Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Poe

The biggest challenge for the game designers had to be AI design. How do you choose what maneuvers/actions a baddie should take completely in the blind? It works out reasonably well, the only way to game the system is that the player tends to have a good idea who the enemy is targeting and generally where they will head. This is more than compensated for with rather powerful elite adversary units.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Jek Porkins

I was nominated to have the callsign (Jek) Porkins - not super encouraging. But due to some lucky shots on the early elite units, I jumped ahead of everyone in level and have moved on to an a-wing. Using the vague predictability of enemy movement I've focused on combat bonuses for attacking out of defenderss weapons arc. And since imperials tend to fly in formation, torpedoes that do splash damage (ion torpedoes, assault missiles) are definitely on the menu.

For the header image I threw the neural images processor at a photo of the miniatures with a pc game screenshot as the style. It's a little cubist, but looks not-too-disimilar from the game. Might benefit from a black tabletop.
The Division fin

The Division teamwork makes the dream work

J and me finished up our second run at The Division. We were pretty happy with the quantity of endgame content, even if it wasn't pulled off flawlessly.

The public event wasn't especially creative, but the element modifiers added to each mag made for some feast/famine damage-dealing.

The Division gym

We wandered the Dark Zone a bit.

The addition of unlockable areas that granted automatic rewards was a nice mitigation for the pvp griefing.

The Division flame turret

Matchmaking is done quite well and is particularly useful for the survival missions.

The matched armor sets (with bonus abilities) are a cool mechanic. The grind wasn't worth it for the top tier "classified" sets, but I had a lot of fun with the Lone Star build - weapon swapping would automatically reload my mag. So my build was two excellent light machine guns with magazine size modifiers.
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 screenshot invasion

On to Destiny 2 for J and me. We've only gotten one session in, so I don't have much of a read on the game.

Destiny 2 screenshot spider tank

But so far what you'd expect: lovely graphics, run and gun Bungie playstyle, depth in weapons and abilities, and a tropey plot. They even have an injured/limping mission very early on. Woo!
X-Com 2

X Com 2 alien

With some upcoming craziness, I decided to not start God of War 2 just yet for my solo gaming sessions. I thought I'd instead spend a few hours with this months PS+ game, X-Com 2. I remember watching Ted play the original way back in the day, but I really knew very little about it.

X com 2 shooting

First off, in spite of some misleading screencaps, it's the closest thing I've ever played to Fire Emblem. A squad-based, turn-based, tactics game played on a grid. Cool.

X Com 2 map China Russia

To add to it, there's a map with missions and a campaign. This part is a bit confusing at the moment, I'm not quite sure what to prioritize or what I'll sacrifice by taking a particular action. But comparing again to Fire Emblem whose campaign is on rails (but story-heavy), this is a nice variation.

X Com 2 airship

But, you know, you have a cool airship that you can customize for resource and equipment advantages.

X Com 2 rank up

Units have names and classes and abilities. Heck, they even have to recover from the inevitable pummeling they take on missions.

X com 2 mission report

Shut up Volkova, you're lucky you got out alive.

X-Com 2 news X-Com 2 X-Com 2 sniper

The propaganda segments are kind of fun for lovers of dystopia.
Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands vault

In a similar situation to the X-Com thing, a little while back I ran a chapter of Tales from the Borderlands. It's lighthearted, clever, and an easy playthrough, kind of like Firewatch.

Tales from the Borderlands Tales from the Borderlands Shade Tales from the Borderlands shock baton Tales from the Borderlands sniper
PC gaming

Sea of Thieves sinking ship screenshot

And on the lolbaters gaming front, well, I finally replaced my (Jeff's) c. 2011 video card with a GeForce 1060.


The real impetus of the hardware upgrade was really poor frame rates at the other game we play, *groan* PUBG. It's fun, in a slightly masochistic way.

PUBG screenshot plane Miramar

First you get in a plane with a hundred other players that are fighting to the last man/team.

PUBG screenshot parachute Erangel

Then you skydive to some place on the map. You can go into a loot-heavy zone that'll be very hot, or someplace safe with crap equipment.

PUBG screenshot boat strat Erangel

Maybe you hop in a boat to get between lootable villages.

PUBG screenshot buggy Erangel

Maybe you go by car.

PUBG map bubble screenshot Erangel

But the game needs a winner, so it slowly closes you in with an electrified bubble.

PUBG screenshot red zone Erangel farm

All the while, there are occasional explodey portions of the map, marked in red.

PUBG screenshot Erangel view

As the bubble closes in, it's nice to stop and admire the view. And then get sniped.

PUBG snake strat spectating

But if you're on a team with a former semi-pro Counterstrike player, you can spectate his carrying of the torch.

PUBG chicken dinner

Everybody wins.

My recent site generator changes kinda broke the list of hot/top posts/images. I think it's fixed now. Still haven't taken a second run at the dialogue widget that takes up way too much real estate.

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