Storypost | 2018.08.30

PUBG parachute drop neural style transfer pixellated

Dog golden puppy toy

First and foremost: Tori and Jon got a pup.

PUBG sidecar screenshot neural style transfer

Lolbaters have gotten a good amount of pubg in.

PUBG Erangel sidecar upside down jump red zone explosion view

We've actively sought out some shenanigans...

PUBG Erangel UAZ driveby bridge

... but of course plenty of it comes naturally. We really aren't very good, but we make not being very good look good.

thumbnail PUBG exploding mirado flying corpse Miramar thumbnail PUBG buggy dome jump Miramar thumbnail PUBG mirado Miramar jump warehouses
thumbnail PUBG motorcycle bridge jump Sanhok
thumbnail PUBG mirado popped tire on fire Miramar thumbnail PUBG Miramar SUV shipping container jump
thumbnail PUBG Erangel view buggy exhaust jump cliff
thumbnail PUBG Sanhok buggy ejection thumbnail PUBG Miramar mirado drive-by shells ejected thumbnail PUBG Miramar mirado player ejected explosion thumbnail PUBG Sanhok bridge jump motorcycle
thumbnail PUBG Erangel Dacia shooting
thumbnail PUBG Miramar motorcycle tandem drinking energy drink thumbnail PUBG Erangel UAZ jeep engine on fire thumbnail PUBG Erangel sidecar pizza gun dp
thumbnail PUBG Erangel UAZ jeep jump ejection
thumbnail PUBG Miramar church molotov combat thumbnail PUBG Miramar mirado ejection matrix jump
thumbnail PUBG Miramar molotov stadium
thumbnail PUBG Erangel sidecar explosion red zone wheelie thumbnail PUBG Erangel molotov Stolichnaya vodka close-up thumbnail PUBG Erangel UAZ jeep cliff drive-by thumbnail PUBG Sanhok bridge motorcycle jump
thumbnail PUBG Sanhok bridge motorcycle jump
Chicken dinners

We're still gunning for that full-squad chicken dinner. Previously we'd managed a few with just our resident semi-pro still alive. But in one weekend it all seemed to click and we won on both Erangel and Sanhok with only a single casualty. Erangel (above) wasn't too action-packed, but had some lulz and validated both the obscure Ferry Pier drop and the boat strategy. Really this one was about making the right decisions and having kshot land a few important AK rounds.

The Sanhok win was more fulfilling. It had four gun battles and saw substantive contributions from everyone. Here, too, I think we got our movement right from drop to the final circle.
Fantasy draft

During the Password is Taco draft Glen determined my strategy is akin to the baseball stat WAR (wins above replacement). It adds an unintended pun to d'ogs of war.

Nothing too crazy in Passwrod is Taco. I'm going a bit heavy on Raiders, but expect Jordy/Martin to boom or bust pretty early. Matt Ryan was a late pick and I'm hoping Zuerlein validates the WAR strat.

In Medieval Gridiron I kept Deshaun and went running back-heavy with Fournette and the now-#2 Royce Freeman. I didn't hedge too much and again grabbed Legatron, an early defense, and some players that may benefit from Gruden genius or garbage time.
Alienation fin

J and I finished up Alienation. It was a solid downloadable-type title. The endgame is extreme difficulty and pvp, but we're instead going to have a go at Divinity: Original Sin.

Alienation bridge explosions Alienation firefight truck Alienation field generator
God of War

God of War 2 Kratos wolf shield

Online gaming has definitely cut into my God of War time. I'm occasionally getting sessions in an have seen some pretty cool things like a world serpent and a blue dwarf's shop.

God of War dragon God of War puzzle God of War shopping merchant God of War witch
Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

XWing miniatures Heroes of the Aturi Cluster squadron

The Brogue Squadron - now called Space Force - is quite a few missions deep into the campaign. We've gotten quite a bit better at maneuvering and drawing enemies where we want them. We refined our builds as well:

T-70 X-Wing Tank Support HWK A is for action A-Wing Bomber B-Wing The campaign is no cakewalk. We tried the final mission in the TIE Phantom arc and, well, lost. We also lost our B-Wing pilot so Mark had to start a new character.