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France travel Mediterranean riviera view of St Tropez
Rayol Canadel Sur Mer

France travel Mediterranean riviera kayak rental beach in April Rayol Canadel Sur Mer

Saturday morning Boukarou Beach delivered on the kayak rental and we paddled around the coves for an hour. The weather was nice, the water was nice.

France Rayol Canadel sur Mer kayaking Mediterranean France Rayol Canadel sur Mer kayaking Mediterranean
Drive to Nice

France travel Mediterranean riviera driving

Getting to Nice for our 14:00 car return and 16:00 TGV departure meant we could take the coast through St. Tropez, but then had to cut up to the motorway for the last stretch.

Drive from Rayol Canadel Sur Mer to Nice.

France travel Mediterranean riviera Golfe de Saint Tropez panorama

We stopped across from St. Tropez to check out the bay view.

France travel Mediterranean riviera road hills twisties

The backroad into the motorway was great, reminiscent of the California central coast.

thumbnail France Nice road bus thumbnail France Nice train station thumbnail France Nice train station yellow vests thumbnail France Nice train station platform
thumbnail France Nice train station gare

After returning the car, we caught a city bus to the Gare de Ville where we had a couple hours to grab a pizza and check out the yellow vest(?) protest going on outside the station.

France travel Mediterranean riviera TGV train Nice Paris

The TGV was a super relaxing way to cross France. We did backtrack through to Marseille at normal train speed, so maybe it wasn't especially worth doing the drive and brief stop in Nice.

TGV from Nice to Paris.

Selfie goofy sunglasses

France Paris late night eats Le Royal Opera quarter pounder

On arriving in paris at ~22:00, we had an easy yellow line metro trip from Gare Nice to Tuileries, which was across the street from the Hotel St. James Albany. After a quick shower, we walked a few blocks to get some late night eats at Le Royal Opera.

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