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Taverne Interlaken Switzerland soup

I'm not really a fan of photographing food, but as this was a food/wine tour, I figured I'd at least aggregate food photos/commentary to a single, skippable post.

Picnic lunch Gigondas cheese baguette wine

The picnicing was top notch, particularly after stopping by the Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse.

Chambres LOustalet cheese wine Gigondas cafe

Still adjusting to the time/dinner zone, Jes and I had a cheese platter at the Oustalet tasting room. It was enough food for 4-6 people.

King Kebab Aix en Provence

We hit King Kebab in Aix for some quick eats.

Petite Creperie Cavalaire Sur Mer crepe beer French Mediterranean

The Petite Creperie served incredible meat/cheese crepes as well as a fantastic dessert crepe. Perfect after a day of hiking and swimming in the cold Med.

Pizza DOr pizza Nice beer soda meat

Pizza D'Or served up some hearty eats between our cote d'azure drive and TGV trip to Paris.

Paris Saturne lunch dish Paris Saturne white asparagus Paris Saturne lunch dish fish

Our Michelin experience was provided by Saturne in Paris. Everything was very good, but I must say my mind was blown by the white asparagus in a broth that seemed to have bamboo and szechuan peppers. Three courses, dessert, a table with a view - very good for a $50/person carte lunch menu.

Chinese food Paris

After a long bike tour, Jes and I were very happy to catch a fast-casual Chinese place on the walk back to the metro.

Bakery dessert Brussels pastry

On arriving into Brussels, we had to stop in at the first treat shop we saw.

Maison Dandoy Brussels Belgian waffle or they call it just waffle

The other obligatory Belgian experience is the light and flaky waffles that we ordered from Maison Dandoy.

Rheinhotel salad Rheinhotel soup Rheinhotel charcuterie

At the Rheinhotel, we enjoyed a hearty three course meal. I was pleasantly surprised by the miso soup.

Fondue pot Taverne Interlaken Switzerland cheese

Swiss fondue, what more needs to be said? There were a few options in Interlaken, but Taverne did not disappoint. I was intrigued by the potatoes they served with the fondue, but found them skippable. But the cheese was beyond compare.

Eidelweiss Murren Switzerland lamb chops beer liter

Lamb chops at the Eidelweiss weren't anything to write home about. The sizzling platter (complete with bib) was an amusing presentation, though it left me covered in grease. Their beer, however, was superb.

Buffet Piz Gloria Switzerland rotating restaurant

The buffet at the Schilthorn summit was pretty typical fare. But the view was hard to beat.

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