Storypost | 2018.11.14

Dog weimaraner ear surgery bandaged back

The grey dog burst a blood vessel in his ear, so we had to keep it elevated. He was displeased.

Dog weimaraner ear surgery bandage arooo Dog weimaraner ear surgery bandage truck Dog weimaraner ear surgery bandage lick
Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung dumplings noodles

Jes took me to the DTF soft opening in UTC. It was pretty tasty, particularly the truffle XLBs.

Din Tai Fung diced beef szechuan peppers

All too late I noticed they have what looks like the upscale equivalent of Spicy City's spicy chicken cubes with peppers. Definitely going to give that a try next time.
Xmas photos

Did some (what I presume are) xmas photos for D+K.


I recently got through my hard/classic playthrough of FE Fates: Birthright. So of course I've moved on to Revelation. It's pretty great to have the combined characters for the final plot arc, I'm taking the team crafting very seriously.

Gloomhaven scenario traps bear

Mark and Chase have both moved on to new Gloomhaven characters. Rouge, my rogue, has two more scenarios before she retires. ~15 scenarios in the gameplay still feels pretty fresh.

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New resident



Some multiple exposure/flash fun at the park with the dog, Shar visits, and fantasy playoffs.


It was a rough weekend so I don't have a gaggle of cute puppy photos. Since last week he's learned to actually pick up the stick (below) and has made it onto the couch more than once.

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