Storypost | 2019.06.01

Borderlands Sledges Safehouse load screen bandit

After travel and catching up, things are getting back to normal.

Tree trimming

A couple wildlife/roof incidents convinced me to push tree trimming to the front of the queue. There is lots of greenery to clear out.

Vote Kerry playing cards 2004 Barack Obama deuce

At poker night at Ryan's, he scrounged for a second deck and found a rather vintage option.

Red Not Chili Peppers Belly Up

Jes took me out to see some tribute bands at Belly Up.

American Brewing Company Maryland motorcycle posters fish tank

A little while back there was an MD trip. I don't remember the name of the joint, but I was impressed by their moto art and Flying Dog selection.

BWI Southwest airport Flying Dog pint Steadman
Borderlands GOTY

Borderlands Skag Gully Firestone

The long-awaited re-release of Borderlands 1 on PS4 has given J and I a huge wave of nostalgia. The game definitely holds up.

We blitzed a couple of playthroughs and have started Moxxi's Underdome and the excellent Knox DLC.

Borderlands GOTY new character Borderlands GOTY Steele tentacle impaled Borderlands GOTY Lilith SMG
Borderlands GOTY The Destroyer intro screen Borderlands GOTY Old Haven Borderlands GOTY Kroms Canyon Borderlands GOTY ADS BadMutha Spiderant Infector
Borderlands GOTY rakk hive Borderlands GOTY achievement gigawatts Borderlands GOTY load screen trash coast

PUBG Vikendi Dino Park rollercoaster night aurora

There's been a bit of PUBG action. I don't remember dropping dino park during an aurora, it's very pleasant.

PUBG Dino Park t-rex PUBG Dino Park parking lot

Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain 2 Commando Beetle Queen screenshot

When we get four, we are still having a blast with ROR2.

Risk of Rain 2 salamander vendor

CattleDecapitation looked up some of the secret areas, such as the giant salamander vendor.

Risk of Rain 2 magma worm Risk of Rain 2 beetle queen bubbles Risk of Rain 2 character select Huntress Risk of Rain 2 clay dunestrider boss teleporter

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