Storypost | 2011.11.23

Dog weimaraner viszla playing fearsome couch bark

Everyone made it out alive. No zombie flu, only a few stitches between the lot of us. The food rocked, there was a massive handegg match, dogs were all over the place.

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thumbnail Friendsgiving viszla weimaraner football
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Dogs triple flash chau weimaraner trail night

And what's the deal with daylight savings time anyway? It's always dark out, so Shar and Kaf barely got to play.

At least that means it's a good time for Skyrim.

So... Skyrim.

Fallout with swords, as the kids are calling it. For sure the games have a very similar look and play style, but Skyrim does advance the Bethesda formula as you might expect.

The gargantuan map seems more cohesive, where the DC wasteland felt like a collection of landmarks with nothing between.

Skyrim blizzard horse silhouette

The atmospherics are superb - day/night, clear/cloudy, calm/windy, fair/snowing, even light tones vary gradually. Unfortunately the frequent glitches ruin the immersiveness.

Skyrim demon elemental

Menus, you're always going through menus. They're done well (except no sort!), but so much gameplay requires navigating the inventory/magic/level/quest/...

Skyrim destruction shock draugr

In F3 you leveled from kills and quests and thereby gained skill points. In Skyrim you level skills just by using them, and this levels your character (granting you perks). It's better, though it diminishes the value of completing quests.

And there are a million billion quests. They don't quite have the innovation and variety of a GTA game, but they're way better than mining minerals.

Skyrim ebony bow of fire exquisite inventory

Item configuration is pretty deep. There are a number of basic types which you can upgrade with smithing skill, then apply magic abilities. Favorite unique items: Volsung and Sanguine Rose.

Skyrim marauder arrow shot mouth

The combat mechanics are good, if unpredictable from encounter to encounter. The different build emphases seem pretty balanced. My sneaky archer is just fine with a sword and occasionally summons a fire demon.

Skyrim longboat blizzard horse

The Nordic theme is a nice variation on the standard vanilla fantasy realm, but it doesn't hold a candle to the nukapunk, post-dystopic world of Fallout.

Skyrim blood dragon fire

Oh right, and there are dragons. Quite a few, in fact.

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thumbnail Skyrim archer dragon fire breath
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Kaf and Shar

The Petco Park suite and some pets at the park.

The saga of the dog, episode one

So the still-unnamed canine is resting peacefully. All it took was a mile run this morning, a visit from some Del Martians and Canadians (all photos by Connie), a mile+ walk this afternoon, and lots of trips up and down the stairs. Needless to say, it...

Tapping back in

Twilight Imperium and dog beach.