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Scuba dive fish Cabo

Friends and I stayed at the Riu Santa Fe on the east end of Cabo. It was considerably nicer than I expected with decent rooms and well-kept grounds. The walls were a bit thin so not being on the top floor was less than ideal. In fact, the top floor two-story suites looked pretty good so that'd have the be the accommodations on future visits.

The lunch and dinner buffets were above par (cruise ship), breakfast was kinda greasy. Of the numerous restaurants available for booking only one was had availability the three nights we were there, but it was quite good.

Mexico Cabo village square Mexico Cabo resort evening Mexico Cabo resort evening beach chairs Mexico Cabo resort evening pool beach

The beach at the hotel has a rough shorebreak so it keeps the tourists in the pools. I didn't make it out to the surfable Pacific side of the point.

Mexico Cabo ziplining Mexico Cabo ziplining Mexico Cabo ziplining Mexico Cabo ziplining

We did a zip line tour an hour east of the hotel. It was pretty high and quick.

Scuba dive Cabo fish

I dove the Corridor and harbor, unfortunately the Gordo Banks (nitrox, hammerheads) and Cabo Pulmo (mantas) were Monday trips. The dive shop was good although the trip wasn't without incident. The dive master gave me ten pounds when I wasn't sure how much weight I needed sans the bouyancy of a wetsuit. This was enough to keep me neutral with an empty bc and near-empty lungs, resulting in more swimming and breathing. He thought I was a complete noob and it wasn't until a much better second dive with twenty pounds that it went right.

The outboard broke down in between dives so we had a half hour to swim in 90F water while the boat driver flooded the engine and ran out the battery. Vis is about halfway between San Diego opacity and Hawaii clarity.

thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba dive fish thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba dive eel thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba fish
thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba boat arch rock
thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba dive fish thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba fish thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba fish diver
thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba dive rock wall thumbnail Mexico Cabo scuba fish

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