Storypost | 2010.10.19

Oakland Raiders San Francisco 49ers ticket

Zac's ridiculously awesome parents hooked me up with a ticket to the Raiders-Niners game. I walked from the Balboa Bart station to Candlestick expecting to, at some point, come upon a sports bar. Alas there were countless dives, a park, and a gorgeous Alfa, but no place to watch the morning games.

Oakland Raiders tailgate blow up Darth Vader Candlestick

I spent most of the morning wading through tailgaters, occasionally catching parts of games from peoples' dish setups. The combination cooler-motorized scooters were a highlight.

Football Raiders 49ers preseason Candlestick scuffle

I'm not sure either team could have played much worse, but it was awesome to see live. Our section had two fights that ended in handcuffs, and the dude two rows back worked on a pile of vom throughout the game. On the whole, the crowd (a 60/40 fan split) was spirited with only the friendliest of animosity towards the other side.

My first AFL win came at the expense of the only undefeated team, 1-5. In Supermassive Black Hole I improved to 2-4, and 89 points was good enough to rename Derrick's team. Without internet access on Sunday I couldn't bench Run DMc and that made the difference to continue the Medieval Gridiron slide to 2-4. And my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen rise continues, 4-1-1 but without DeSean next week.

Yesterday I suggested flag football to various channels and it's been met with considerable interest. On DEB's suggestion, rather than paying $900 to field a Vavi team, we're going to go grassroots. Two teams with our own equipment and rules. It offers so much more flexibility in terms of team attendance and play style. I'm drafting some rules derived from the proven ones that leagues use, but with some fresh complexity.

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