Storypost | 2010.10.04

As expected, life and times got pretty exciting. The Cathcart breakdown:

NorCal visit; feather in the cap
Settlers of Catan wood piece tower

I stacked some sweet Settlers pieces, Jon coached his football team to glory, there were turkeys in Ted's backyard, I got to see Shane and Brent was recalled to Sacramento.

Fantasy football; black eye Medieval Gridiron: 2-2
AFL: 0-4
Supermassive Black Hole: 1-3
League of Extraordinary Gentleman: 3-1
Two losses can be chalked up to Vick getting injured. DeAngelo is not doing well. But has been a very strange season so far, hopefully I can dig myself out of some of these holes.

NBC snf 'night vision'; black eye

Really? Wow.

DE filter repair; black eye
Pool DE filter elements removed

The backwash valve was leaking out of the handle at the very bottom. When the very corroded handle did not easily come off the diverter shaft, I opened the filter to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I guess it was a good opportunity to wash down the filter vanes.

I eventually removed the handle and found that an oring was missing. The nearest available part was sixty miles away.

JB weld shoe repair; feather in the cap
Shoe repair JB Weld Adidas Samba

Still going strong after a couple of weeks, and I didn't even do much surface prep.

My neighborhood finally has a large man on a gixer; feather in the cap Finally!

Qc party; feather in the cap

Well I had soccer that night so I barely got to see any lasers and had to take it easy on the samosas. But I managed to get out without hearing any DMB (minus the 'B'). Cell phone photo.

Halo Reach; feather in the cap Did a Heroic coop playthrough with Ty. I'm glad they kept the set piece element of ODST and accompanying Forge mode. The space combat mission was unexpected but they kinda pulled it off. Jet packs introduce new tactics and skill. I'm sort of shocked the game didn't end with the requisite Warthog/Puma getaway, but it wouldn't have had quite the same effect.

Warfish; black eye

Fun, challenging, but I've failed miserably against Rob and Joe.

Civ V; feather in the cap
The changes all work for me. The game lacks polish in a few places, but nothing that diminishes gameplay.

thumbnail Civilization V country borders spearmen archers thumbnail Civilization V combat barbarian camp thumbnail Civilization V space exploration component great wall of Memphis thumbnail Civilization V United Nations Kofi Annan
thumbnail Civilization V Montezuma
thumbnail Civilization V social policies thumbnail Civilization V wonder Sydney Opera House thumbnail Civilization V diplomacy Darius I end war thumbnail Civilization V diplomacy Hiawatha end war thumbnail Civilization V hexes bombard city states
thumbnail Civilization V future tech George W Bush quote the past is over thumbnail Civilization V combat giant death robot Washington DC thumbnail Civilization V hexes SAM trucks city state Almaty
thumbnail Civilization V hexes destroyer attack thumbnail Civilization V Thebes we love the king day great wall thumbnail Civilization V Munich bombard trireme
thumbnail Civilization V resources Heliopolis modern city

The new Sword album; feather in the cap

A very solid production in a bit of a different direction from their past two records. The album art is cool, reminds me of this.

Julian trip; feather in the cap
Motorcycle ride

It was toasty and there were too many cagers, but fun roads nonetheless. And pie.

Kafka Halloween costume; feather in the cap(?) Possibilities: Shark, mouse, elephant, Sharktopus, Dogmeat and Vault Dweller, Imperial walker, Raiders Helmet...


Looking for more green

The grass is growing steadily, though not evenly. No worries there, I'm in no rush, but I'm happy with the color and consistency of the Bermuda.


Like I said, no more Super Bowl at Players so Cheryl took it upon herself to organize a similar event with better food for half the cover.

All kinds of win

Jon, Connie, and myself played a couple Settlers matches. We let White Lambda WIN both since it was his bday. He bailed from SoCal (WIN[?]) early because the prospect of being trounced at Axis and Allies cast a grim shadow over his remaining days.