Storypost | 2010.08.29

Pool lights night raft chair yard

More lights for the backyard. Eventually I'd like to swap them out for bigger lanterns, but it suffices.

thumbnail Potted plant aeonium zwarktop thumbnail Potted plant pool thumbnail String lights backyard dusk
thumbnail Grass pool hanging plant
thumbnail Pool potted plants raft thumbnail String lights backyard dusk pool
thumbnail NDS metal drain grille

Everything from the nursury is in a pot now, porchside or poolside. The grass continues to fill back in, I've set up the sprinkler timer so that should help. And I replaced all nine plastic drain grates (some broken) with NDS brass pieces.

Morelos draft and work draft are done, still to come is soccer team draft and money draft. The d'pwnage bench (work) looks a lot like the d'dogs (Morelos) starters, so that can't be good. But I think this season is going to have some surprises other than Brees breaking his arm in September.