Storypost | 2010.08.08

Sunsails green

I added a second sunsail to complete the effect.

thumbnail Pool potted plants thumbnail Pool pump DE filter sunsail thumbnail Papyrus plant thumbnail Black bamboo changing color
thumbnail Solar tubes roof profile

There's some pottery poolside; bamboo, papyrus, and soon a bird of paradise. The top terrace is growing rapidly, the grass is doing better, and the new black bamboo shoots are considerably larger than the old ones.

thumbnail Starcraft II Odin thumbnail Starcraft II Odin thumbnail Starcraft II sniper rifle
thumbnail Starcraft II media blitz load screen
thumbnail Starcraft II spaceships thumbnail Starcraft II queen thumbnail Starcraft II rescue
thumbnail Starcraft II grunts thumbnail Starcraft II zerg tunnels thumbnail Starcraft II rescue

I vanquished the Starcraft campaign late last week. The last level is pretty nasty, and I dunno about Jimmy's final choice. Oh well, glad that's over so I can store up sleep for the consecutive Halo/Civ weeks next month.

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