Storypost | 2011.08.07

Deck renovation planter boxes flower vines

Having brought in the railing to align with the support pillars, there was an extra bit of usable space around the edges of the deck. So I turned it into planters.

Deck renovation flower planter boxes construction

First thing was to box in each of sixteen sections.

Renovation deck planter boxes bottom trex

I used synthetic deck planks for the bottom, with drainage running between.

Deck renovation flower planter boxes

Each planter was lined with two mil plastic and roofing felt to create a moisture barrier. Then potting soil, plants, and water.

Deck renovation flower planter boxes vines

Bougainvilleas on each side post. A mandevilla in the center. Celosias, petunias, birds, and some succulents in between.

The permanent backyard lighting solution is on its way.

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Removing the old, damaged railing.

I red myself

For whatever reason I decided to do the fences this weekend. Well, I decided to start the fences. I'm maybe half done.

A proper backyard by winter

Some backyard renovations.

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