Review | 2010.03.10

Wheels Enkei PF01 Mitsubishi 3000GT

My wheels came a scant three days after order, in fact three of them arrived on Tuesday. They look good, I might have gotten a darker hue were it an option, but they do their job and show plenty of rotor. The 18s with new rubber ride wayyy smoother than the worn 19s, I'll see how they handle load after break in.

Enkei PF01 Mitsubishi 3000GT


Will you be Tokyo drifting your way to work ...


Yup, I'll prolly see you ze autobahning your way to day care.


As long as they hold air it's an improvement


I see you have a 3000GT. I have a 99 GT0 Japanese import here in Australia. I was planning exactly the same wheels ie Enkei PF01. I was worrying about whether they would clear the front calipers.


They the front calipers just fine without spacers - Tire Rack has never steered me wrong on fitment.

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Is it a shame I have new wheels and tires before Jon? Yes. Will that be the case when his come in and they're shiny and scratch-free? No.

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