Storypost | 2009.06.02

So my favorite protagonist in this tale of life is now be-ringed. The few days prior were very high quality, beginning with some time in the Commonwealth (?) of Virginia. J hosted Dave, Heidi, and I, we toured the closed Smithsonians, ate Burmese food, and discussed applications of the zone system to street photography.

Shooting range Shooting range DJ

Out in Philly, Team SoCo reunited and the groom's half spent some time at the local range. Of course the ceremony itself was well done and, most importantly, the reception appetizers did not disappoint.

Back in SD, I'm doing some touch up on the house to prepare for the roomie move in. The sub-heater vent had to be shrunk to fit an available grill size, this simply entailed adding a 2x4 to the gap, putting up a small piece of drywall, then patching/texturing/painting to complete the cover up. I applied a similar procedure to cover the holes in the ceiling that were required to install the bathroom fans.

And it appears Ted has now slipped into the steaming cauldron of property investment. In other news Jon is sad, but at least sleeping on large pile of favors.


Thank god, no more creepy henna-ed hands.


Kitchen lighting

Turning recessed flourescent lighting into something better.

New lights

To replace the four crusty old flourescent lights in the garage I bought three tracks that I can direct, but provide plenty of ambiant illumination.

More lighting

Garage lighting and a skylight.