Storypost | 2011.04.24

All three fixtures are up now, the before/after is pretty telling. And now I have a few extra flourescent lights.

Garage lighting 900 Supersport 3000GT surfboards Garage lighting 900 Supersport 3000GT surfboards Garage lighting 900 Supersport 3000GT surfboards Garage dog pen with wall art

The garage, never mind the extension cords and dog food. If I rewire the center junction to be always on, I could mount the cable modem and router up there. And maybe a camera that plugs into the router so I can check on the doggy.

Renovation skylight enclosure open area

I did drywall corner pieces for the skylight area. Just a little more texturing, painting, and done.

Renovation skylight enclosure attic access ledge

You can see the attic access. Lighting is coming early this week.

Weimaraner iceplant happy flowers

Fiesta Island still has some green/bloom, but it's not going to last much longer.

Fast and Furious 5 on Friday.

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Kitchen lighting

Turning recessed flourescent lighting into something better.

New lights

To replace the four crusty old flourescent lights in the garage I bought three tracks that I can direct, but provide plenty of ambiant illumination.


The World Cup, some house work, and a chiminea.

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