Storypost | 2009.05.12

Well, I do have another time lapse [Ed: removed] from another epic Settlers match, 17 vps. This one added the great river and event cards, the latter being wondrous at enforcing a more reliable resource distribution. We'll see how Jon does with his.

On Dot's advice I picked up a couple asparagus ferns. Imagery will come, though they're not exactly massive right now. And I grabbed a couple more vines but until they grow out the terraces will looks sparse. To mitigate that I bought four bags of bark chips. I need about twenty more.


stop being lazy, update your blog.

Shouldn't you be growing crops? I am not sure I can survive solely on pizza pops during the apocalypse.


Looking for more green

The grass is growing steadily, though not evenly. No worries there, I'm in no rush, but I'm happy with the color and consistency of the Bermuda.

Keeping myself occupied

By popular demand, I give you the area behind the fence. You can see the recently planted scotch grass that needs to get growing. Uh that's about it. It's steep, it's under some trees, yep. Nothing to see here, move along.

All kinds of win

Jon, Connie, and myself played a couple Settlers matches. We let White Lambda WIN both since it was his bday. He bailed from SoCal (WIN[?]) early because the prospect of being trounced at Axis and Allies cast a grim shadow over his remaining days.