Lulzpost | 2020.06.26

Memes This is Fine dog covid

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New resident


Looking for more green

The grass is growing steadily, though not evenly. No worries there, I'm in no rush, but I'm happy with the color and consistency of the Bermuda.


Often said: "I'm not anti-vaccine, I'm anti-mandate."

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How to help your immune system fight the Covid-19 coronavirus (and other viruses) Hope This Helps


New COVID-19 vaccines approved by FDA; shots could be available later this week -

US regulators approved updated versions of the COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. Monday as hospitalizations tick up in a late-summer surge of the virus.

Bob's Burgers Cast and Crew Drop Hints About Season 11 (But Not Much About the Movie)

Like most restaurant owners, the Belchers are taking a break from serving burgers during the pandemic, but the team behind Bob?s Burgers has been hard at work. In fact, the show ?never stopped being in production,?? show creator Loren Bouchard revealed at today?s San Diego Comic-Con panel. That doesn?t mean covid-19 won?t loom over season [?]

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