Storypost | 2014.05.26

Pool pump enclosure

Another weekend, another bit of progress on the pumphouse.

The central task was to work out the sliding door/gate situation. I decided to match the rest of the yard permiter with 7-1/2" fence planks. 2x4s joined by brackets made up the frame. The pump-side slider is done, the other side is just a frame at the moment. Finishing them and mounting them to the tracks should be a weekday task.

Fence planks redwood stain Fence door framing brackets Fence door redwood

A few more odd jobs, left to right:
Cinder block concrete rebar foundation PVC solar panel diverter Rebar solar panel grill Janky tree trimmer


Pump reno i

Part I of the pump house rebuild.

Pump reno ii

Part II of the pump house rebuild.

Pump reno iv

Finishing the pumphouse renovation, a gas burner, and some soccer.