Storypost | 2009.04.20

Bird fruit eastern art

This past Friday I was honored with my first piece of original art. My old boss came over with his family for some steaks and wings, his wife brought along an awesome Japanese-style painting. (And I did in fact straighten the frame after taking the photo.)


This weekend involved a lengthy circuit of the county. Jes and I stopped by the animal shelter only to be disappointed by the overabundance of abandoned PB dogs (pit bulls) and purse dogs. I snagged some extra lumber for a weekend project, maybe Sunday during the f1, gp, and sbk events. Basically those beams will go up on the wall in the garage. The plywood will lay over them and be bolted on - rather than wood screwed - so that it's easy to remove and reattach. In this way, I can easily add and rearrange climbing grips that will go on the plywood.

I have to establish whether or not the plywood is appropriate for the job, and if this proves to not be the case it'll go over the exposed walls in the side room. The garage will accommodate a modest traversal section, which is a great first step. And apparently toproping is for noobs.

Coaxial cable audio adapter

Another stop was Fry's. Awhile back I rigged some coax-rca connections because my audio signal was encountering interference between the tv and amp. Those will now have clean connections and maybe later I'll do shielded wires for each of the speakers. That'll depend highly on a clean coax-bare wire connector.

Command and Conquer Red Alert barricading

Red Alert 3 was knocked down to a bargain price, so grabbed a copy.
Screenshot Command and Conquer Red Alert explosion

DIY surfboard rack

Today Jon picked up the Costco foamy I've been meaning to get. It'll be good for noobs and visitors.
Oh and the old patent app I worked on is finally listed.

Clippy Microsoft Assistant


patents are for hipsters.

Amazing what a piece of art can do to a wall/room; now you are grown up. A far cry from the lady posters in your DM abode.

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A few more shots of the carnage

There are a few wires to dispose of, all in due time. The couch is a bit off the wall to center its occupants more and provide a space for the woofer. Um and I'm terrible at pillowing couches.


Murder room concrete work, a wedding shoot, the Horizon Zero Dawn finale, and Pandemic Legacy.


Bobby called to chat me up and managed to suggest moving the tv to the east wall to better accommodate passengers of the media room thrillride. Coincidentally - or not - when I returned from work I found the room arranged as such. Oh well, in the word...

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