Storypost | 2009.04.16

Pool illuminated night above

The pool light switch was backward. It broke the common so I was getting power to the light even with the switch open. That resolved, my sweet led bulb is working its magic at a whopping 2.75 watts, compared to the 500 watt incandescent I pulled out.

The long life of led is nice, considering the complexity of the fixture around it. The pure white color goes well with the bright white epoxy coating on the pool. And it's bright too, the above image is pretty close to how it looks, and it's currently directed at the wall. Hopefully tomorrow Jon will brave the cold to affix it, Rabot keeps getting entangled.

So as soon as we get a little more warm weather, there'll be parties that can go well into the evening at RFQ Memorial Pool.
Mother, Jon, Curt, and I braved the Settlers/Seafarers/Cities and Knights combination. The game duration was a mere two hours, though there was little seafaring. We only played to thirteen, which may have been a bit small on account of the extra terrain tiles. It was all made phenomenal by my Auntie Kathy's delicious chili.


Ian said he wanted to go riding then went back to bed.

[Crossing the I-8 CBP inspection point] Better hide Ty.

Screwmosas at Pizza Port in 45 minutes... be there or suffer my wrath.

I didn't realize crosswords haunted your dreams.

Someone's fishing for quotes to put on their blog... eat nards!


seriously?? 2 hours?? thatzzz it??! i see what you're doing.. just play a 5.5 hour game when I'm there!


Your thermometerwatch must be broken, it was a 5.473 hour game. And it's your fault you took so long to win.

5 vps on one turn?? how'd you pull that off? I sense sneaky underhandedness going on!

Screwmosas? I am intrigued. Non?


I think moet might be wasted on oj and vodka. But yeah, you got it. It's heaven in your mouth.

Sort of like teabags huh?

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A few events

Dirt biking Plaster City, Settlers of Catan, bathroom renovation.

I red myself

For whatever reason I decided to do the fences this weekend. Well, I decided to start the fences. I'm maybe half done.

All kinds of win

Jon, Connie, and myself played a couple Settlers matches. We let White Lambda WIN both since it was his bday. He bailed from SoCal (WIN[?]) early because the prospect of being trounced at Axis and Allies cast a grim shadow over his remaining days.

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