Lulzpost | 2007.04.05

I finally did it. I finally peeled off the piece of masking tape the painters left on the wall next to my office that has been my bane for almost a month. I would not have survived til Monday when I move to the adjacent hallway. Every day it mocked me with its disorder, its implications of unfinished work.

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SFS: Oh the type-A came clear across from the moment I met him! And how long have you known him SFS? hmm???


What makes sense? Note I was too lazy to do anything about it for at least a month.

now THAT is type-A right there...although i admit, it would probably bother me too. hahhahaha.

I did not know you were a type A personality. NOW it all makes sense.


Backyard greenery

The painting is done. I'm quite satisfied - no more circusy color scheme. I like the look of the painted tile, it provides a subtle break from the wall texture without clawing for attention.

Last of the painting, start of the flooring

The hallway, stairway, and unnamed area adjacent to the kitchen is ready to be primed. And that will be the last of it.


The veranda gets artificial grass and is finally complete.