Storypost | 2009.09.20

Dog weimaraner steps

The painting is done. I'm quite satisfied - no more circusy color scheme. I like the look of the painted tile, it provides a subtle break from the wall texture without clawing for attention.

Of course, it was pretty ugly from weathering, so any paint was going to be an improvement.

The terraces are not so gaudy, and will work even better when something starts growing. Speaking of...

Pinhole photography NFL fantasy draft

I finally had my two rolls of pinhole developed, I shot them at the draft.

Pinhole photography fantasy draft testicle toss Pinhole photography fantasy draft soco Pinhole photography fantasy draft tables Pinhole photography fantasy draft weimaraner

Pinhole film photography fantasy draft

Dog weimaraner puppy


The pinhole photos are like peering at life through a lysergic torpor blown out at eleven. You are going to have turn down the volume Mr Dudee.

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