Storypost | 2008.09.04

Another day, another few photos. The kitchen is now cleaned up, real renovations (cabinetry, counters, sink, etc.) are planned for a later date. But tonight was the first real meal thanks to finally having a selection of appliances. That would be chicken and waffles, delish.

The kitchen at purchase.

Behind the wallpaper, cabinet fronts, and appliances.

Hours of scrubbing and paint prep later.

The cabinets still need to go on, but all the major organs are there. It's aesthetically barren but produces food and cold beverages so I'm not going to complain.

The living room prior to today's texturing.

The master bedroom is a low priority now that it's painted.


wait a minute! what YOU matted?? ah-hum! Correction. I did a good 65% of the work!

I was thinking more of Dune when I saw the photo.

i like the renovation reflection from the pool.. took a few secs to figure what was going on there.

dood. that photo of jon is scary. it's like he's the hooded gladiator ready to take someone's head off.


House quandary I

This is the first of what will be many design quandaries.

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I tried the other angle and Jon found a football. And then a 2x4. The conflict started with sponges and quickly escalated.

Entryway floor

Turning the corner gracefully on the hallway floor proved challenging. So we knocked off the entryway area pretty quick (two or three hours). It went well with Jon on the nail gun, Curt on precision sawing, and Connie and Krista picking planks. The l...