Storypost | 2010.08.22

Fantasy draft bean bag chair names players

B hosted the second annual Medieval Gridiron live draft at his new place in Corona. It was hot. Like really hot.

Everyone had their own idea of a predraft cram session, but when the action started it was all intensity.

Fantasy football live draft

I drew tenth of fourteen.
1. DeAngelo Williams - Picked him over Shonn Greene, Steven Jackson, and Joseph Addai. Hope that pans out. (Last year he was round 1)
2. Calvin Johnson - Lions can't get shut out every week. (2)
3. Brandon Jacobs - Not my ideal second running back, but hopefully solid. (1)
4. Clinton Portis - Go Washington with their ancient, talented RBs and QB. They could flop horribly, but Shanahan knows how to make things happen. Of course with three dinosaurs running the ball there'll be a lot of sharing, but I think Portis will be the standout. (2)
5. Tony Gonzalez - TG does not disappoint. By this round I had my RB corps, a high end receiver, and there were no top tier QBs left. (4)
6. Carson Palmer - Cincy has enough weapons that he could be a surprise this year. (6)
7. T.J. Houshmandzadeh - My top prospect to duke it out for the number two WR spot. I'm neglecting that position a bit, but I can't expect to have Wayne, Moss, and Johnsons (Calvin and Andre) every year. (3)
8. Darren McFadden - We'll see if he can beat Bush for the starting job, and if Oakland can bring game. (4)
9. Eddie Royal - With Marshall gone Royal is Denver's WR. They may be horrible, but they'll still pass. (6)
10. Larry Johnson - Washington could be on their fourth string RB by week two, so Johnson was cheap Portis insurance. (5)
11. Bears D - Hopefully I can't go wrong here. Urlacher and Hester FTW. (11)
12. David Buehler - High scoring team with a qb that overthrows his receivers on occasion, under a dome. (-)

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Dream team

It's almost time to defend my fantasy titles. I've already hashed out my dream team:


Flag and fantasy football.


The 2014 Medieval Gridiron season has arrived, we drafted at Casa de Santos this past weekend. Good food, good drinks, Ryan and Dan drafted using the same fantasy football magazine - I know, right?