Storypost | 2007.02.09

I took a midweek trip up to Tahoe's fabulous north shore. Apparently all that Wii Weather paid off, or I just got really lucky:

Connie had her little point and shoot, so I had a some fun shooting a couple runs. I couldn't coax her into the snow park, but the vids definitely show what a nice day it was. Next purchase: auto-stabilization.
And finally, it was this trip that I realized how much better the Northstar runs are. Squaw's runs are short, the chairs are slow, and the lift/run setup is just lackluster (like Mammoth). Northstar has some long runs, a great all-diamond backside (see first video below), and lots of fast, high-capacity chairs.


It was great fun! I concur with everything you say. Thanks for being the videographer! My point-and-shoot camera is happy to finally have been taken out of the drawers and put to good use since the arrival of the SLR. See, THERE ARE advantages to a point-n-shoot! It was super dooper great quick mid-week getaway. No snide remarks from me this time - definitely great timing and planning! Next time, I'll find some way to vid your speed racer skills. =)


Northstar better than Squaw?? Other than that I enjoyed the post. Did you get to check out our new website

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