Storypost | 2007.03.04

Passes Mt Shasta wilderness E3 2004 pass Wales Rally Panda Adventure

So what do you do on a weekend where the waves are flat and wind is blustery? I mean, other than pepper your roommate's door with post-its that tell a tale of woe and boredom.

How about dig though that box of papers that you knew you wanted to keep but didn't have the attention span to organize? How about make some sweet spreadsheets for vehicle and financial account maintenance? How about write a post with a lot of statements phrased as questions?

It was a long time coming and wholly rewarding. And while I was able to discard perhaps fifty percent of the box contents, the rest was pure gold.
But the heart and soul of this records cache is the data. I'm a confessed spreadsheet whore. Want to know my car repair-to-modification expenditure ratio? I didn't think so. 2.15.

So now the only remaining mass of papers to be subjected to the pertinency filter is the college notebank. Love the graphics and quantum notes. Analog circuit design? Not so much. But at least they're there for when I forget how to explain time dilation or have to brush up on OS concepts. So there's a little fat I can cut on the next tempestuous weekend, I'm okay with it, the dude two storage lockers down had a bin labeled "Misc. Sandals."



My vote would've been for a matinee, but my OCD approves wholeheartedly of your weekend.

If you were that bored, you should of came over to watch college hoops, move boxes to the new place, minimize my buyer's remorse for my Miele purchase and play find the hotdog.

you seemed pretty busy vs. being bored. then again, you coulda come out to the irish pubbing kareoke bar with me and worked on your scottish accent. ah well. no.


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