Review | 2009.01.21

I picked up Fallout 3 a couple days ago.
Cedar wine box sake Ferrari Carano L Preston

In other news, my wine cellar is slowly growing.

Homemade dumplings process

And Stacy and I made dumplings.

Cabinet knob replacement renovation

And, er, I replaced a couple cabinet nobs. New versus old seen here.

Lighting living room skylight can lights

On the list is a motion sensor outlet for the C. Crane led cans. They provide a cool glow from the ceiling not unlike moonlight.

Gnome chandelier


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The unnerving bits

New lighting for the living room. You probably didn't notice, but I ms painted in a bookshelf to indicate what it'll look like sans line of sight to the light sources. Here's how it is now:


My second chunk of progress in Fallout 4.

Squeezing in

Tonight I snagged a 60" mirror for my 59" wide bathroom. No big deal, I've always said that drywall is for suckers.

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