Infopost | 2004.04.03

Toyota Celica suspension replacement rear KYB Eibach

The Celica needed new suspension, so I went with the Eibach Pro-Kit and KYB GR2 combination. Erik showed me the ropes.

Eibach springs pro-kit Eibach springs pro-kit KYB strut boot KYB strut cartridge

Toyota Celica strut brace assembly removal lower
Removed the lower bolts.

Toyota Celica strut brace assembly removal upper
Removed the upper bolts and pulled the assembly free.

Toyota Celica strut brace rear assembly spring KYB GR2
Assembled the strut.

Toyota Celica strut brace assembly KYB GR2 Eibach spring
Compressed the spring and re-used top plates together.

Toyota Celica strut brace assembly KYB GR2 bolts torque
Installed the assembly.

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