Review | 2006.11.20

Nintendo Wii

The Wiil deal, Wiimendous fun, I dream of Wiinie. And so forth.

The software has yet to catch up to the hardware, and that's my biggest worry. Zelda was written for the Cube, so its motion control features are fairly shallow. I hope this won't be the case for new games and cross-platform games. In the case of Wii Sports, you're able to swing your club, throw a punch, etc. either using the real-life motion, or a flick of the wrist.

Penny Arcade Wii comic sports

This leaves the control a bit too sensitive at times. Hopefully future games will have a setting for people who actually want to use the motion control features and a setting for lazy asses.


my arms are a little sore too... and what? as a result of punching air! =P

Nice write up, let you friend know unless you live below the maison dixon line (socal doesnt count) people with that much cheast hair should not wear wife beaters.


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