Review | 2008.01.21

I like to consider myself an connoisseur of crappy movies. Among the many genres is the awful motorsports film. You've seen them, Biker Boyz, Tokyo Drift, Redline. The list goes on. But how do you know what to rent? I propose a rating system, and have thusly scored several such movies. Further, I have enlisted the critical talents of Erik as the Gene Siskel to my Roger Ebert (as well as system coauthor).
The rating system:
We'll start with the modern classic and an inspiration to most recent car movies for better or - who am I kidding - worse...

The Fast and the Furious (8) CR

The Fast and the Furious (7.46) EA

Review two: the quintessential drifter movie...
Initial D (7) CR

Initial D (7) EA Last night was movie night, we watched...

Driven (5) CR

Driven (4) EA ... and these classics we will be (re)watching at a movie night to come...


Death Proof was fantastic for the stunts. However, the Tarantino dialog and script killed it. That dude is like AIDS.