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Here it is, the opinion of our third reviewer. Connie is the feminine voice of reason at movie night. Or is that voice of feminine reason? Whatever the case, here's what the girl thinks:

You must have eight cylinders to ride

Three more automotive blockbusters spanning three very different decades.

The goggles do nothing

I like to consider myself an connoisseur of crappy movies. Among the many genres is the awful motorsports film. You've seen them, Biker Boyz, Tokyo Drift, Redline. The list goes on. But how do you know what to rent? I propose a rating system, and h...

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The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott FictionFan's Book Reviews

Provincial panorama :D :D :D :D :D On his way home from Edinburgh, antiquarian Jonathan Oldbuck of Monkbarns meets a young man, William Lovel, travelling in the same direction. They strike up a friendship and Oldbuck invites Lovel to Monkbarns and introduces him to his family and neighbours. One of the neighbours is Isabella Wardour,

On the referendum #31: Project Maven, procurement, lollapalooza results & nuclear/AGI safety Dominic Cummings's Blog

'People, ideas, machines -- in that order!' Colonel Boyd '[R]ational systems exhibit universal drives towards self-protection, resource acquisition, replication and efficiency. Those drives will lead to anti-social and dangerous behaviour if not explicitly countered. The current computing infrastructure would be very vulnerable to unconstrained systems with these drives.' Omohundro. 'For progress there is no cure...'

Sengoku Youko 03 - Random Curiosity

?????? (Eiroku Nana-nen) "Year Seven of the Eiroku Period"" Anime is stupid.

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