Storypost | 2008.05.25

San Diego SCCA SCNAX autocross Acura RSX cones

Yesterday was autocross.

I got a little sloppy on the charting. Oh well, it's all there. Getting so many runs was a real feather in our cap. Jon was testing the limits of traction, or so I noticed when I rode with him. Sliding off course was a real black eye for me on the first two runs. Erik peaked early, Ian improved until his tires stopped gripping. He's got some nasty chunks missing.

Most times were in the 63-65 range. The other SD SOLO photographer was happy with the 61 he ran in his rx8, a stock Vette managed a 56, and the karts were pulling low 50s.

Key lessons learned:

The results of the April event, for comparison.

San Diego SCCA SCNAX autocross Acura RSX

White Lambda was definitely pushing the Ac around.

San Diego SCCA SCNAX autocross Acura RSX

Yes folks, that wheel is off the ground.

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