Infopost | 2008.09.04

The portfolio class final presentation was yesterday. There were a lot of visitors, much love to the people that came out. I don't have a copy of my artist statement at the moment, but it basically said "I'm shooting street bikes, cheers."

Check out Connie's photos here. A sample:

And here's what I matted...

thumbnail Motorcycle Palomar Mountain GSXR twisties dragging knee thumbnail Motorcycle Palomar Mountain CBR Corvette incident aftermath tow truck thumbnail Motorcycle Palomar Mountain dragging knee twisties thumbnail Motorcycle motion blur Yamaha thumbnail Mission Beach motorcycles GSXR 1098
thumbnail Motorcycle Palomar Mountain twisties dragging knee thumbnail Motorcycle Palomar Mountain Yamaha R1 dragging knee twisties thumbnail Motorcycle motion blur
thumbnail Honda gas tank wing scratches thumbnail Motorcycle exhaust burnt license plate thumbnail Motorcycle CBR Honda slow shutter night
thumbnail Palomar mountain twisties

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Portfolio part III

Motorcycles on Palomar mountain. On film.

The weekend in summary

I headed for Palomar bright and early Saturday morning after making a quick stop at Calumet to pick up a 80-400mm vr lens. I decided on Turn 6 as it met most of my criteria:

Portfolio part I

Motorcycling photos for class.

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