Storypost | 2008.12.05

So the ol' 1.6 Athlon setup finally choked. Hard to say what it was, I've failed to diagnose the problem hardware having independently swapped everything out. I'll revisit when I'm setting the box up as a terminal in the garage.

The new stuff:
Of course, Fry's gave me the X3 2.1 and I didn't realize it until they'd closed. I had to stop by the following day and recover the 200,000,000 hz they owed me.

The near-term purchases include a sata disk, another two cheap gigs of ram, and maybe a new display.

And, well, I'm borrowing Curt's monitor, the power supply is sitting on the case, and there are boards sprawled about my desk area. But at least everything is functional.

The hiatus is explained, now rewind.

Thanksgiving was good. The new house accommodates well.

I snagged Madden '09 for entertainment purposes. My dad picked it right up and Jon wouldn't be separated from the game, save for by real football. There's not much to say about it - being an EA franchise - except it's generally enjoyable, graphically unimpressive, and Cris Collinsworth follows Madden's act very closely.

Taboo was a riot, particularly the last round where Mom, Connie, and I netted several points from Mark, Jon, and Erik.

The hallway floor went in fine. 'How did you overcome the itis?', you might ask. Well I peered in the fridge and made a glorious connection:

The stairs are the only remaing hardwood to be done. You've come a long way, baby. The constructon tiredom led to my second genius (derived re-)invention: post-Thanksgiving pizza.

Thanksgiving weekend also saw d'Chris's d'Brickapult claw its way from the grave to a winning record and fourth seed in the Medieval Gridiron playoffs. Similarly, Santos surmounted the impossible and overcame a large point differential to knock James out of contention. It's been a white knuckle end to a unimpressive season.

This weekend I'm up against Potats' team, which is predicted to beat mine by 25 points even after his tight end netted zero on Thursday.

Sunday also featured the long-awaited return to the water. It was pretty good-sized, but rides were characterized by straight drop-bottom turn-close, so not exactly elegant. It's phenomenal how life on land maintains absolutely zero of the muscles required for paddling.

A few quotables:

Schooled three little college guys. They seemed not happy to lose to a girl.

Go Raiders! ... We're horrible. Marty! Marty! Marty!

I heard you put Rob and Dave against the glass.

I am ridiculously addicted to yr blog. Will you please update it more often?

I'm a firm believer in giving the people what they want, so I'll break you off one more piece of culinary revelation.


what about the candied yams??!! you forgot about the yams!!


Also Connie brought candied yams and everyone enjoyed them, particularly my pops. And I have her container ready for pickup.

Connie - I loved those yams almost as much as I was fearful of the turkey-tato-pizza.


You have a cat???

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