Storypost | 2008.12.23

San Diego was too cold so I flew north. Virgin is a pretty sweet airline. I played Doom all the way up, no credit card required. On the subject of video games I'm considering this one for the chilly January nights.

The North Bay is the same as I left it. It has an xr now so I took a quick tour of the empty lots near the new property. Apparently Tuesday nights are for the Petaluma poker tournament. I managed 10th out of 60-ish and payout of fifteen duckets. Jon and I grabbed Dad on the way out as he flipped quad kings.

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A fine weekend

I tried the other angle and Jon found a football. And then a 2x4. The conflict started with sponges and quickly escalated.

Uh, would that be the hot pants, sir?

Aye, the hot pants.


Jon came down for the weekend. Naturally, this meant hot pot, Settlers, and diving. The hot pot was good, but needed chilies. Settlers was fun, Connie/c/Jessica beat Jon, Erik, and Jes/me. The dive was significantly different from Maui, but it was g...