Storypost | 2008.12.18

The rest of the blinds went up in a few short minutes - the difference being that they mounted inside a sill. That left enough time to put a few base boards down. I threw a few videos up for comparison.

They're not too far from the, er 'simulation'.

why is he jsamo?
he's suppose to be tsamo@...

I think maybe he used to go by James back in high school.
'Ty' is a pretty silly name, so it makes sense.
don't make me go on the rant about how some dumbass probably thought that, upon seeing my name, ty is not a real name and thus used my middle initial.
well thanks a lot uno, looks like i ranted anyway. since we're on this subject, how come you're not uno.d.ritchie@... isn't there like some precedent for false identification here? and the "d" is for dumberson.
haha ! dumberson.. haha!

I framed my door.

Upstairs west bedroom.

Upstairs south bedroom with a couple base boards.


ohhh.. those video's are sea-sickness at it's best. slow down yer horses dumberson!

it's coming along nicely dumberson!