Storypost | 2008.10.21

Bobby called to chat me up and managed to suggest moving the tv to the east wall to better accommodate passengers of the media room thrillride. Coincidentally - or not - when I returned from work I found the room arranged as such. Oh well, in the words of Franco, 'give the people what they want.'

The couch is now elevated in a mock up of what could become stadium seating (with a real couch). Wires are all over the place since I finished splicing audio to coax way past my bed time. It's all for the surround though, most lines are now going through the crawlspace. They pop out a little under the tv, but will soon be obscured with a duct or behind tiles. The various electronics are now in the recess under the stairs, next up is arranging them elegantly.

And soon I'll be grabbing a few boxes of these, painting them matte grey or black, and darkening/deafening the walls.

I'm interested to hear SFS's second opinion on the bathroom door. Most people go to another person for a second opinion. I've found I can get a different viewpoint from him by asking the same question a second time. His first response invariably describes his own style/renovation.

What do you think of skylights versus solar tubes?
Big glowing wall! 3form4lyf. SFS
Does that really say 'oceanside mountain home' to you?
No, but that's what I'm getting, it's kewwwwl.
Should I get a grey slate or a green slate for the shower?
River rocks in a concrete matrix!
Huh? I'm not sure that really goes with my...
True. Grey slate. I decided on the floor for my bathroom, river rocks in a concrete matrix.
I wouldn't have guessed.

So I'm interested in what he'd think of a single slider as it carries the benefit of a pocket door without the feeling of being in some sort of mass transportation vessel. It's also good to know he doesn't lock the door when he's laying cable.
That said, I was at SFS House this weekend and it is the illest.


There will no lock on the sliding door for the main floor bathroom. It will be obvious when it is occupied. I do not want to crash in on CS snorting pixie stix dust.

oh come on SFS! automated sliding door? don't you know you're suppose to use your jedi mind skills for that one?!

3Form comes in Mountain Ocean colors.


So does wallpaper...

1. Wallpaper is for Martha Stewart.

did you seriously pull up all those hallway planks? heh. that sucks. when you put them down again, try putting in some that take two pieces to fill the hall. you re going to have to do that at the end where the stairs are anyways, the inconsistency shows.

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The 'rents came down this weekend. Mom bought me the taxadermed animal I wanted so badly.

Best seats in the house

Since my MovieSac is so excellent, I ordered a pair of GamerSacs for the media room.

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