Storypost | 2008.12.10

The mirrors add light and space to the bathrooms. I can get away with the panels for the sides of the upstairs bathroom and all of the downstairs. I shudder to think of how much a custom 5' x 3' is going to run me for the main, upstairs piece.

Also shown is the untrimmed switchage. A big feather in my cap is knocking the switch count from four to one (but really zero since the light and fan are on motion). A black eye is the annoying drywall work needed to cover the unused box components and the wire spanning them to connect the light and fan leads.

Another column will be good once I find my drywall anchors. The frameless door can be seen in this one.

I yanked the door to the storage nook in the media room. Then sent the electrical from under the tv to said nook. The end result should be clean stowage of the cable box, xbox, wii, and perhaps a dvd cart.

Rebroadcast without expressed, written consent:

Never mind. Found yer seat. I'm booking 13B, although one usually does not want to sit in aisle 13...

I will never speak Singaporean to you! Never. Even if I were pissed drunk.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one out of the 4 of us that can get hammered off of 8 tasters.

And you'd best not be moving the bear skin rug. It really ties the room together.

Oh, and there's a Sephora in Omaha!


woohoo i made the list! and it's true too, what i said.

this seems like your time to shine, cause we all know how you like to be boxed in by studs.


James you are a horrible, horrible person.

what do you have against medicine cabinets? and are the stairs really so low that you can t have the cables pop out behind the tv?

Another option: ________


A few errands later

I ventured into Ikea today. It's far from being my favorite place, their products are about the opposite of what I'm looking for. That is, stuff there tries to be uber-modern and rather low quality. But I was striking out on some things - mirrors in ...

Squeezing in

Tonight I snagged a 60" mirror for my 59" wide bathroom. No big deal, I've always said that drywall is for suckers.


Some shower and light fixtures.