Storypost | 2008.12.17

Impressed: My blinds came in yesterday - a pretty quick turnaround from whenever it was that I ordered them.

Impressed: But there was no time, as James and I were off to Lei Lounge for celebrations. Word is they do a good happy hour every Tuesday.

Disappointed: I ordered a Singapore Sling because, you know, the late Raoul Duke would drink them. But there's two things that can befoul a drink in my eyes: excess sugar or excess gin. This had both.

Impressed: We watched the cgi Ninja Turtles movie after Lei. It provided the nostalgia and familiar references I was expecting, but offered a few unexpected highlights. The lack of a clearcut antagonist was refreshing. Raph's alter ego is an enjoyable homage the another great comic/movie. And most surprising was the outcome of the Raph-Leo spar, being a departure from the highly formulaic plotlines of the franchise.

Horizontals are all there.


Yikes! Seriously. I can't wait to be able to simultaneously use a hard disk and dvd drive...

yikes! color correction!


The end is nigh

Floors are in for the dining room, living room, and entryway. Now to find me a bearskin rug and moose head.

Entryway floor

Turning the corner gracefully on the hallway floor proved challenging. So we knocked off the entryway area pretty quick (two or three hours). It went well with Jon on the nail gun, Curt on precision sawing, and Connie and Krista picking planks. The l...