Storypost | 2008.12.17

Impressed: My blinds came in yesterday - a pretty quick turnaround from whenever it was that I ordered them.

Impressed: But there was no time, as James and I were off to Lei Lounge for celebrations. Word is they do a good happy hour every Tuesday.

Disappointed: I ordered a Singapore Sling because, you know, the late Raoul Duke would drink them. But there's two things that can befoul a drink in my eyes: excess sugar or excess gin. This had both.

Impressed: We watched the cgi Ninja Turtles movie after Lei. It provided the nostalgia and familiar references I was expecting, but offered a few unexpected highlights. The lack of a clearcut antagonist was refreshing. Raph's alter ego is an enjoyable homage the another great comic/movie. And most surprising was the outcome of the Raph-Leo spar, being a departure from the highly formulaic plotlines of the franchise.

Horizontals are all there.


yikes! color correction!


Yikes! Seriously. I can't wait to be able to simultaneously use a hard disk and dvd drive...

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The end is nigh

Floors are in for the dining room, living room, and entryway. Now to find me a bearskin rug and moose head.

Rifftrax II

Jon, J, and I watched the Aeon Flux Rifftrax. Such great commentary for such a terrible movie. If only we'd had the time to also do Over the Top.


Eight reasons to like it:

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