Storypost | 2009.02.17

Oil change girl Mitsubishi 3000GT film photography sepia

Four glorious hours in the darkroom. I toned these because monochrome just doesn't look good on a monitor, it's all bluish and you can't see detail.

Girl oil change Mitsubishi 3000GT wrench spanner

Oil change girl Mitsubishi 3000GT

Girl beer Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 sepia tone film photography

Portrait girl film photography sepia


Bilinda Butcher is hanging out at your place these days? Cool.

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My front and rear strut braces came in. The front is some variation on the 3sx brace. The rear is a Cusco. It was cool to see the 'GTO' labeling on the paperwork, though I couldn't read the strangely extensive install instructions.


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