Storypost | 2009.02.16

FIlm photography contact sheet portraits

Assignment three, portraits that tell a story. I went both directions, straight up portraits and capturing a well-defined sequence of events.

Contact sheet film photography oil change

Contact sheet girl beer

I imagine the four prints we turn in should be from the same roll, both have a few candidates but the photojournalism ones are more varied. Of course, the following are just blown up copies of the contact sheet frames.

Contact sheet enlargement portrait film photography

Maybe a smaller aperture. It was overcast though, so the window wasn't providing much light.

Film photography contact sheet enlargement

Lens filter worked well with the eyes.

Contact sheet enlargement portrait

Contact sheet enlargement girl Mitsubishi 3000GT

Shoulda gotten that engine chromed. I mixed up mid-motion shots with poseds.

Contact sheet enlargement girl oil change

Under the car was tough, it was very dark but it turns out overexposure was possible.

Contact sheet enlargement girl oil change film photography

Contact sheet enlargement girl beer Mitsibishi 3000GT film photography

Requisite beer, light was pretty low at this point but I shoulda risked a polarizer.


I am sure she will say, "Don't break/pop the blister."


Well, just an oil change, but you put a beater on anyone and suddenly they can judge engine speed by putting their hand on the valve cover.

Watch him hypnotize his female assistant to act like a mechanic dude?


A story told by portraits

Four glorious hours in the darkroom. I toned these because monochrome just doesn't look good on a monitor, it's all bluish and you can't see detail.

Garage daze

My front and rear strut braces came in. The front is some variation on the 3sx brace. The rear is a Cusco. It was cool to see the 'GTO' labeling on the paperwork, though I couldn't read the strangely extensive install instructions.

Purchases, products, plantings

Chilies and rosemary and stuff - plants that are used as seasonings so we don't have to grow a whole bunch to have useful quantities. Since I feel that organic foods are pretentious, I'm going to spray them with DDT every week or so.