Storypost | 2009.02.25

Welding closeup

For this assignment we were supposed to apply the zone system to whatever. Ordinarily one might choose a landscape or something, find the zone iii, and expose as prescribed. I thought it'd be fun to try carefully metering something I couldn't look at, namely welding.

Film photography bracketing contact sheet roll cage installation

It was challenging, as evidenced by the contact sheets. I spot metered a shadow by looking at the lcd as some welding was going on. Then I refocused, set the exposure, and snapped a few with my hand over my eyes. I can't tell if the polarizer helped, of course I was randomly rotating it and hoping for an ideal alignment.

Contact sheet film photography

Roll cage installation cut angle grinder


Welding roll cage car BMW

Erik welds in the driver side cage bar, Ian lends his feet to the effort.
I did dedicate a few frames to the generic zone application. The best part of shooting the grain silo (quarry) was when the dead silent Prius almost ran me over. Andy Bernard would be proud.

Film photography night


Dang yo, your photo skills have improved vastly.

Damn the Prius. I about got clobbered by one that was backing up.. they need a back up beeper installed.. or a bell hung from it so you can hear where it is at.. kind of like my cat's bell collar


Getting clobbered by an electric car isn't very metal.

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