Infopost | 2009.02.05

Film photography solarization turbo

One of this week's two assignments is to do solarized prints. I'm somewhat divided on the technique, but it's fun and can make a turbo looks pretty cool (above). Below is a comparison, though they were both printed for solarization, color reversal only took place on the bottom. It's a tricky process if you want to apply any sort of science to it.

If nothing else, solarization adds some mild intrigue to the the still life assignment of finding 'circles and curves'. I might take another crack at it since the weekend didn't allow much shooting and we're supposed to use as much daylight as possible.

Freeway overpass solarization film photography

The other assignment due next week is the dark room equivalent of a stitched together image. We're choosing a single subject and taking 36 frames such that when it's layed out on a contact sheet it becomes a single 6x6 tiled image. Gulp.


Curt's solarization turned out the best. his looked really neat. i want to solarize a person... with sunglasses in bright sun. that may be fun.

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