Storypost | 2009.02.08

Brembo brakes Ducati 900 Supersport dirty

Ferodo pads on the front. They're supposed to be stoppier than the Brembo ones, I'll let the car in front of me be the judge of that.

Broken brake lever Ducati 900 Supersport

Crg levers to replace the stock ones.

CRG clutch lever Ducati Supersport

I'm trying header wrap on a few sections of pipe to avoid any more pants-on-fire incidents or melted passenger shoes.
Great news, I've got Speed in hd for this wonderful new year in motorsports. Highlights:

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Motorsports day

And what a day.


World Superbike at Laguna Seca.

Motorsport weekend 2010

Monaco is pretty awesome, but nothing beats the double rainbow of F1 and MotoGP Laguna. The Red Bull slap fight will no doubt continue, but on a course that won't be unkind to the McLarens. Maybe Schumi can step it up at his home GP. Yep, now that We...

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60 Seconds Out | Connect the Dots #6 ADVENTURETACO

As was the warning that crackled over the military scanner for one of the most exhilarating moments of the trip, this story is a short one.

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