Storypost | 2009.04.01

Now that the downstairs floor is done, the floodgates have opened.
I didn't have hot water for a couple days. The pilot went out, it would relight with the manual override button pressed but would wink out as soon as it was released. The internet said the termocouple was the likely culprit, it shuts off the gas when the pilot is cold for obvious reasons. I was happy to hear Depot carried Honeywell universal thermocouples.

No dice.

I called a repairman. He walked out five minutes later with the burner working and an empty generic thermocouple package in the trash. Stuff you, Honeywell, and your unnecessarily long 'universal' thermocouple that produces signal below my valve's threshold.

My blurry faced friend dropped by with his kid.

A couple fun one liners:

For some reason I'm attracted to bikes.

I love it when you take hallucinogens and help me pick fruit.

Anticipation is high for:


Thanks Jeff, perfect plank sounds excellent for my purpose; I'd like the workbench to run most of the length of the garage and I have sink hookups so I need something I can mangle a little bit.

He looks like a little LEGO man, I think it is the hair or body proportions.