Storypost | 2009.10.21

Nikon Nikkor 20mm

My 20mm f/2.8 came today, the one with the 62mm diameter. Doctor Daddy wants me to shoot his kid's first birthday party and the 50mm and 105mm won't cut it. The plan is to foreshorten the crap out of them (below) so they all look like bobbleheads. That's cute, right?

Dog weimaraner

The 20 will likely be my default lens, good for shooting renovations, people, and events.

Fiberglass shower insert teardown

Speaking of renovations, I've started on the fiberglass insert in the master bathroom. Jon and I learned form the first one that you want to detach the edges first since they're the most solid parts. Though you still have to rip it apart, piece by piece.

Dog weimaraner yard

I've cleared the rocks out of the top terrace, irrigated it, and tossed on some seeds.

Grass terraces yard pool

The middle terrace is still greenifying. Also I've patched the various holes made from reducing electrical boxes and carelessness.

Dom Perignon

Monday is the day one at work. There was some casual celebration.

Toyota FT86 concept stylized

My next vehicle is going to be a truck. But that's only cause the ft86 is a year away. That'll round out the dream stable: Italian sport bike, high power tourer, beater truck, and light rwd with low miles.

Fantasy football

This week is my first head to head with Jon. He was apparently so overcome with confidence in seeing the schedule that he drafted two kickers with the same bye week. He's either still optimistic or unwilling to spend $5 on a trade.

Said by R:

'... and then let me homestead on your land.'

Normally I outro with a cute puppy photo, but I found something cuter.


I see an image of Jesus in the bathroom plywood.

Thanks for the Stethanie tag.

bobbleheads are awesome. maybe you can convert your bobblehead photo into a real bobblehead for your car or new job!

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Looking for more green

The grass is growing steadily, though not evenly. No worries there, I'm in no rush, but I'm happy with the color and consistency of the Bermuda.


The master bathroom fixtures: Moen mixer and three way diverter valve, Moen shower head, Kohler body sprays. The valves are pull-on push-off so you don't have to fiddle with the temperature. I went with flush mount body sprays.

Backyard greenery

Painting the terrace walls and pinhole shots at the fantasy draft.

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