Storypost | 2010.07.26

This year I got on in the Manbird Invitational. C-Note Five Bill's Top Shelf Chili With Rectum Fyre didn't do well. Next year will be different, I will bring PC12303. It is an extremely potent chili and doesn't waste good steak and bacon on unrefined palates. I will not bring Seared Esophagus. They are not ready for Seared Espohagus.

thumbnail Chili cookoff thumbnail Chili cookoff thumbnail Chili cookoff pepto thumbnail Chili cookoff vavi
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thumbnail Chili cookoff thumbnail Chili cookoff
thumbnail Chili cookoff

Cactus was popular. So was eastern fusion. Iced chili didn't meet a positive reception.

Sunsail backyard pool

The sun sail came, with some help I put it up. Less leaves in the pool this afternoon, no difference in sunlight reaching the water. I'm thinking of getting two triangular ones to complete the effect.

I ran a steel rope from the deck across the yard. It'll be a good mounting point for the other shades, and maybe I can find led lanterns.

Chili cookoff Budweiser can

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