Review | 2010.08.01

Starcraft Queen of Blades

I bought Starcraft on Friday, it's been awhile since I had any rts fun. The game's great, but I think I'm done with Blizzard, they pulled some serious Sony crap with this one. It all stems from the innocuous system requirement listed on the box, "Broadband Internet connection". Here's about how it went down:
Blizzard failtainment

I did get an email from tech support. I had tried to save them time by listing the faqs I went through, nonetheless the email regurgitated the same information and advised contacting my hardware/os support for any further issues. No request to close the ticket, no reply email. Just a copy/paste job and a slammed door.

And I am unhappy with the fact that I need to log in to something every time I play this game offline.

thumbnail Starcraft II barracks thumbnail Starcraft II protoss nexus thumbnail Starcraft II UNN news thumbnail Starcraft II Queen of Blades
thumbnail Starcraft II combat thumbnail Starcraft II protoss briefing thumbnail Starcraft II Queen of Blades
thumbnail Starcraft II purifier thumbnail Starcraft II xel naga temple door laser
thumbnail Starcraft II yamato turrets

The game feels a lot like a 90s rts. It has shinier graphics, some rpg elements, and can handle a larger scope, but the gameplay is the same as the original. It entertains and challenges and generates nostalgia. I haven't quite bought in to the story, but the cinemas are frequent and substantive. The jokes and easter eggs are a nice touch.

Paintball punisher mask Camp Pendleton

This is all because I can't move my quads. Because I paintballed on Saturday.

thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton cover thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton indoors silhouette thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton hit
thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton house perspective
thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton truck wall thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton shooting thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton watching
thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton shooting from house thumbnail Paintball Camp Pendleton shooting from cover

I photoed one round and parts of two others. The d700 escaped unscathed. I wrapped most of it in a red tshirt that took just one hit. I did not fare so well. People are very twitchy in paintball.

It's a tough thing to shoot well, most of the action happens at a great distance and the better composition puts you right where the paint flies.

Paintball hit hands up Camp Pendleton surrender


Some more screenery

Starcraft II gallery.

Casual weekend

Backyard greenery and Starcraft II.I.

Odds and ends

Ty downloaded some more tracks for Rock Band. My aspirations of rocking out to War Pigs were at last realized.