Storypost | 2010.11.21

Flag football mud snap

This week's flag football game was rained out. That made it pretty awesome.

thumbnail Flag football catch thumbnail Flag football punt rain mud puddle thumbnail Muddy flag football catch thumbnail Muddy flag football juke
thumbnail Flag football drop rain mud thumbnail Puddle dive slide thumbnail Muddy flag football juke
thumbnail Flag football catch ponchos rain mud puddle thumbnail Muddy flag football pull celebration
thumbnail Muddy flag football throw catch coverage
thumbnail Muddy flag football puddle catch drop thumbnail Muddy flag football puddle catch drop splash

It must be said that Ty is not featured in many of the photos because he was too busy getting into the end zone. It was an unbelievable performance - as qb, receiver, and with the pick-sixes. I don't know how many times he scored, but it cannot be overstated.

I'm curious to see how the 105mm will do at these games. The other way to go is to get very close to the action with the 20mm, close down the aperature and use the flash.

Flag football juke

Friday night we system linked the xboxes and tried some 4up Reach firefight. Great, we just need radios.

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